Find Your Purpose - Create Something That Has Real Meaning

Helping Successful Entrepreneurs Move Beyond Their Past Achievements, Realign to Their True Purpose and Create Something That Has Real Meaning to Them.

Who Am I?

According to society, I have always been ‘successful’. Unfortunately, I was also thoroughly miserable.

I have spent the last ten years understanding myself and what it means to truly enjoy life and business. The major shift for me was when I got really clear around my purpose.

Frequently talked about, it’s not always that easy to uncover. Usually because the fundamental elements are not really understood and are, therefore, missed.

However, once you know what to look for, it becomes a lot easier.

I am the author of 7 books, a qualified accountant, the holder of diplomas in business coaching, life coaching and psychology as well as being trained in a number of cutting edge, deep change therapies.

And I’m on a mission to change the way that we measure of success. To something that’s about a lot more than just making money.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

I coach successful entrepreneurs that are disheartened and disillusioned with their life to find their true purpose and create something that has real meaning to them.


Who It Is Not For?

If you’ve not built a business, or nor serious about making a meaningful change in the world, then this program is not for you

Module One

A Life of Enjoyment


  • Clear the past backlog of old limiting belief systems as well as past incidents of betrayal / abandonment that might be still defining your current experience
  • Discover the one big secret of business enjoyment that you’ve been missing so far that will help you accomplish this collaboratively


You’ve spent your entire life helping other people and sure, you’ve been rewarded financially. But does anyone really appreciate what you’ve done?

You’ve not been able to build your business by yourself – you’ve needed a team around you. Why should it be any different when it comes to you?

Find out what needs to be in place in order to truly enjoy life and who you’ll need to help you achieve it.

Module Two

Getting What You Really Want


  • Understand what prevents you from connecting to those around you and take the first steps to attracting the people who appreciate you for who you really are.
  • Create an awareness of what your values are so that when you attract people you know if they are in alignment with you or not, so that you can create a community that will support your purpose


What do you see when you look at the people around you? In both life and business?

Are you surrounded by open and honest people that will stick with you through thick and thin? Or do you just see liars and cheats who would stab you in the back at a moment’s notice.

Whatever you see, it is actually a reflection of who you are showing up as. When you lack authenticity and hide your true self, you attract the wrong people.

To change the world and the people around you, first you have to change.

Module Three

Taking Control of Your Life


  • Explore your personal journey so that you can address the points of joy in the past and take full stock of them.
  • Identify key decisions and who influenced them, thereby increasing clarity on how you’ve arrived at this point, which will be invaluable in choosing your next steps


Even though you’ve led a so called successful life, that doesn’t mean that you feel like you belong where you’ve ended up. Sometimes it can get to the point where you feel like you’re just going through the motions to keep everybody else happy.

Did you know that we have less control over our decisions and actions than we think? Therefore, where you’ve ended up, may not have been your choice.

When you truly understand how your brain works, then you can start taking greater control of your life.

Module Four

The Hidden Fears


Identify the traps stopping you from getting what you want and develop strategies on navigating a path that isn’t hindered by them


To get where you are has taken a lot of effort and, whilst things aren’t perfect now, there’s a lot to be said for what you’ve achieved.

The last thing you want to do is to lose everything you’ve created, isn’t it?

Whilst that makes perfect, logical sense, it could be that everything that’s got you to where you are now is exactly the same thing that’s stopping you from getting to where you want to be.

Let’s find out what is allowing you to live a life of fear and stopping you from living a life of joy.

Module Five

Filling Up an Empty Soul


  • Understand your inner emotions and what affects you deeply, which will allow you to identify projects that actually mean something to you.
  • Identify the subconscious traps that might be preventing you from being fulfilled


Life is something that is there to be enjoyed, not just tolerated. If only a small piece of the jigsaw is missing it can lead to a life of emptiness and pointlessness – no passion, no joy, just efficiency. Irrespective of the results that are achieved.

To be complete you need to understand what is missing, what is needed to fill you up – and check whether there is part of you that is resisting that completeness. If, for example, you believe that you don’t deserve to be happy, then you won’t be.

Module Six

Find Your Purpose


  • Identify the natural skills and resources that you possess that allow you to operate in your zone of genius
  • Develop a mission that is connected to your skills and your inner emotions so that you feel compelled to complete it.
  • Realign your self image so that you become whole within yourself and are moved to a point where nothing will hold you back from changing the world.


Once everything is aligned, the difference is palpable.

To find a mission so powerful and important to you that you actually feel emotional just thinking about it, creates an energy so powerful that you can move mountains.

To find your purpose is to be truly alive.

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